Golden – Jill Scott

Your life is more precious than metal. However you determine it’s real worth…

Take it places. Give it a story.
Give it a chance to be admired.
Let it appreciate.
The deeper the history,
the more the real value.

I’m a latecomer to the genius that is Jill Scott, first and foremost. After buying her modern classic debut album “Who Is Jill Scott? Words And Sounds Vol. 1″ in August 2004, I learnt about her second album, which was released the following week. I instantly knew that it was a must-have. I needed that album, and nothing was going to stop me from getting it. As I promised myself, I bought her second album about two weeks ago, and while not as stunning as her debut, it is still an extremely enjoyable and brilliantly produced follow-up.

That second album is “Beautifully Human: Words And Sounds Vol. 2″ and crashed into the Billboard charts at No.3. In the UK the album hasn’t really made an impact, but that is due to lack of single releases and just society’s ignorance to truly amazing soul/R’n’B music – they’d rather go for Usher or 50 Cent, for some stupid reason! It’s been four years since Jill Scott wowed the world with her debut album, and Beautifully Human has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here, and it was definitely worth the wait for her millions of adoring fans.

Beautifully Human opens with “Warm Up,” which is a short interlude featuring a clip of “He Loves Me” from her debut. Heard over the ‘radio’ it sounds positively haunting, before leading onto the gorgeous “I’m Not Afraid.” This song has a hypnotic and seductive beat and sultry, confident lyrics about not being afraid to be a man’s everything. “Golden” is the album’s first single, and whilst commercial and repetitive, the message is one of positive empowerment – a real feel-good anthem that I’m sure everyone can relate to. “The Fact Is (I Need You)” is a bit slower than the past couple of songs, and Jill Scott really chills the listener out with her “Do do do do, do do” chanting. The beat is absolutely beautiful and Jill Scott’s vocals absolutely stunning. Her rap midway through is the highlight. “Spring Summer Feeling” has a charming beat and the percussion work wonders with Jill Scott’s soft vocals. Her “tweet tweet!” chants at the end are loveable and enticing.

“Cross My Mind” is a really soulful and relaxing ballad, with many spoken sections that evolve into singing seamlessly while the piano provides the soul in copious amounts. After the chill-out section the album picks up with the stunning “Bedda At Home.” Jill Scott’s vocals on this song are unbelievable and the old-school beat highlights this. The woman is high on love and nothing is gonna bring her down! Her screeching and whooping in the last minute of the song have to be one of the highlights of the entire album. “Talk To Me” slows the pace down a bit as Jill Scott sings about her lover who bottles things up. She wants him to talk to her, but she doesn’t demand it, she does it in a more compromising way which is much more happy and tuneful. “Family Reunion” is definitely an album highlight because it’s a song you will definitely not forget! The strings in the background really make this song amazing and very sleek as Jill Scott sings about a family reunion and how she feels so much at home in their company. The family banter and hollering in the background add the atmosphere, and the chorus has such a sing-a-long feel to it. Pure, undiluted happiness!

“Can’t Explain (42nd Street Happenstance)” continues the pure beauty of the album. I’m finding it hard to describe this song as I listen to it, because it just captures everything so beautifully. Just listen to it yourself and you’ll understand me. “Whatever” has a very sexy intro that melts like chocolate as Jill Scott sings about an amazing night with her lover. She isn’t afraid to go into detail, and by this we are not disturbed, but raised in our spirits by her confidence and positive attitude. It’s like a mix of “Exclusively” and “Honey Molasses” from her debut! “Not Like Crazy” sees Jill Scott crazy in love, despite what she might say, with church bells chiming for a small section of the song! “Nothing (Interlude)” is another beautifully sexy short interlude where Jill Scott sings of nothing is more beautiful than making love to her man. “Rasool” is a socially conscious song where Jill Scott sings the story of a man named Rasool, whilst her voice fills with emotion, rising in time with the beat and intensity of the song. “My Petition” sees Jill Scottsinging about the US presidential govermenment, and how they constantly lie to her and cover things up. Some people thinks this is the best song on the album, but whilst I agree with the subject matter, it’s not my favourite. “I Keep/Still Here” closes the album, and opens with a beautiful and hypnotic sound that is very vivid, creating images of desert islands baking in the sun. Okay, so the song’s subject doesn’t have anything to do with desert islands, but that’s the kind of imagery it evokes for me!


Jill Scott has gone on to become a legend with this second album. She could never release another album and she will be forever remembered in the school of soul/R’n’B. Once you take the CD out of its case, you’ll see a long letter written by Steve McKeever (Hidden Beach records executive) who proudly boasts and presents this new album to the listener. This confidence he feels is real, and that is because Jill Scott’s talent is raw and beautiful. The cover of the CD features a childhood picture of Jill Scott. She looks so cute, but I fear this might be because she is not too confident about her appearance that she could be on the front of her album (her debut only featured her lips/nose). I’ve read about this in interviews, but Jill Scott has nothing to worry about. She is an absolutely gorgeous woman! The picture on the inlay of her with an orange top on is stunning, she has nothing to be afraid of! This album is a masterpiece, highly recommended.

Beautifully Human: Words And Sounds Vol. 2

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