Electric Daisy Festival BUMPS

I tip my hat to Insomniac Events in America for their gorgeously, energetic promo videos for their annual Electric Daisy Carnival.

Electric Daisy Carnival…that name means a lot if you are a raver. Heck if you were a raver in the last decade you should know that name.

I have seen the Electric Daisy Carnival grow over the years from a smaller massive that had like 30,000 attending (at the time that was huge) to last year where they had 180,000 attending over 2 days. If I know my facts that is the largest electronic music festival in North America.

I remember back when Electric Daisy Carnival used to be at the Orange Show in San Bernardino. I actually like parties at the Orange Show better than the Los Angeles Coliseum but there is technically more room for people at the Coliseum so I can understand the move. I really think that with the amount of people who attended in 2010 that they might consider moving it to another newer venue that can handle that amount of people.

While Electric Daisy Carnival has awesome music and great world class DJ’s, what really impresses me is the production of the whole night. It really seems like they think of every last detail when designing stages, lighting, decor and the little details.

In fact one of my favorite raver memories was from Electric Daisy Carnival in San Bernardino when they had a helicopter fly over the party and drop bags full of actual daisies onto the crowd. It was literally raining daisies on the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Definitely, you need to check it out once, if there is a party in North America, there is no better than Insomnia. Nothing better than bright lights, costumed freaks (the good kind) and care-free love for good times. Regardless of you like techno or not, the scene will take you away. Nobody learns to love techno from sitting at home.


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