First Look at Tingle

Offline is the new online!  With online going mobile, why stay inside?

Looking to meet people but aren’t sold on the idea of online dating sites? Tried online dating sites with little or no success? Here’s a look at Tingle, an interesting app for the iPhone that allows singles to find singles near you (via GPS). Indeed it’s fascinating.

Geared towards busy city-dwelling singles, Tingle is a location-based dating service that allows members to flirt for free, exchange text messages and talk on the phone with other singles in the area. As a city-dwelling single in my early thirties, I was intrigued by the idea of the app, so gave it a whirl this past weekend, and while I have to admit the concept freaks me out a little (socially accepted stalking anyone?) I have to say it does have potential.

Outside of a few bugs, Tingle is super easy to use and allows singles in the city to take the online dating experience with them. No longer do you have to feel lonely and pathetic behind a computer monitor – you can feel the same way while out on the town! Woot woot!

Say for instance you are out with your friends on a Friday night. You’re all dolled up, sipping some cocktails and ready for a good time. Sadly though, there’s a severe lack of eye candy in the vicinity. What to do? Simply log into Tingle, check in to the pub/lounge/restaurant/bowling alley where you are hanging out and the app will show you other singles in the area. You can then send them a “tingle,” and if you are brave enough, invite them to hang out with you and your friends.

The Pros
You never have to reveal your name, phone number or email address to get your tingle on, which makes the app super discreet.
Unlike other online dating sites that show you when a message has been read and deleted, if you ignore someone’s tingle, they’ll never know, making it a tad easier on the ego.

The Cons
If you happen to luck out and find someone you click with, you have a limited number of texts you can send them before you are forced to purchase “Karma” – a $20 investment to keep your tingle alive.
The app still has several annoying bugs that need to be sorted out, but I’m sure the folks at AppSocial are working on it.

Overall though the app is a fun and interesting way for singles to get out from behind their computers and meet potential partners while out on the town. At the very least, it’s a great topic of conversation!

What do you think? Would you ever consider tingle as a way to meet someone?

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