Judge an ‘Album’ by It’s Playlist allows you to us to find matches based on musical tastes.

If rating your perceived personality on a scale of 1-to-very hasn’t been working out for you, why not try something interesting?  It’s not a stretch to think that you can find a compatible personality based on taste in vocals on noise.  After all, music can have an influence on our personalities and habits, from social activism to flipping off bad drivers.

While iMeem and Myspace had it’s social charm, before Myspace (post-News Corp era) ruined it for everybody.  Tastebuds takes a stab at being more directed at matchmaking (‘music dating’ as they call it).

I entered:  Talib Kweli, Common, 2pac and got 7 matches.  I then entered: Common, Armin Van Buuren, Wolfmother and got 7 matches?  It seems you only require one artist to match. Maybe you have luckier taste in music than me.  It’s free to search and message.

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