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Where would you rather be?

Sometimes it’s great to just get away from the noise and pressures to a place that is beautifully simple — like a good relationship, but with the world.

“We took a road trip down the west coast of Mexico in a beat-up 1976 Winnebago with some of our more talented friends. Legendary surf director Taylor Steele captured the journey on film.”

To help start your travel ideas on where to travel, check out Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips. I personally love to travel and I think this book is fantastic! Browsing through this beautiful book, I had to add several travel destinations to my list of places I someday want to visit. If you want some great vacation ideas, from US to exotic oversees destinations, this book will provide many. Paging through the book is also an educational opportunity to discover a bit more about places around the world.

The book is not organized by location (although there is an index for finding specific destinations), but rather the itineraries are listed under the following categories:

    • Across Water
    • By Road
    • By Rail
    • On Foot
    • In Search Of Culture
    • In Gourmet Heaven
    • Into the Action
    • Up and Away
    • In Their Footsteps

Each destination or journey entry includes a page of photos and information. A small map showing the location and route (if applicable) is included as well as a list of highlights. There is also a paragraph or two about the trip and each destination includes sections labeled: When to Go, How Long, Planning, Insider Information, and Websites. These provide some good information and tips for travelers and the website listings give the readers a way to find more details if they want to plan a trip.

The book contains a wealth of ideas and there is certainly something for everyone. Just a sampling of the trips in the book:

    • Sampling Food along the Mediterranean
    • Following Che’s trip in Argentina (as depicted in the movie “The Motorcycle Diaries”)
    • Cycling Across Transylvania
    • Riding the Moroccan Camel Train
    • Driving from Utah’s Bryce Canyon to Capital Reef
    • India’s Golden Triangle (Dehli, Jaipur, Agra)

This is a beautiful book that is very well done. National Geographic does not disappoint here!

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