Have a Foreign Mentality in Tokyo

If I ever find myself unsure of my place in the social pecking order, I reset like a poorly played video game.  You have nothing to lose.  Now with a fresh 1UP, adopt that fresh foreigner (I should do something—nobody recognizes you) mentality.  If somebody is happening to catch on, it’s cool.  Enthusiasm is infectious.  And there are always ‘locals’ who love welcome a humbled guest in their environment.  Now try not to screw this start up.

Years has past the memories continue on from some of my travels.

This story goes back to when I was stranded in Japan.  I had missed 3 flights back from Tokyo to Vancouver.  Each of those times, I figured I would soak in the last night of my trip.  Late nights lead to late mornings.  How ironic those nights didn’t end up as my last night.

After 3 weeks, Not only have I spent all my money, I was exhausted from traveling.  I found myself on the shinkansen (bullet train) to Nagoya to bum off my friend.

On my last night in Nagoya.  I was reminescing  with my gracious host and his wife, Yuki— naturally-gifted eavesdropper.  She looks over a few tables down and mentions one of the two beautiful girls casually chattering away is having a birthday.  So I ordered them both a drink with my blessings— “Tanjoubi Omedetou” (Happy Birthday).  They asked me to sit down with them and have a few drinks, striking a hilariously, broken conversation with the Japanese I have picked up as a survival skill.

The girls dragged me out to the nightclub.  Maybe next time I’ll let you know when that’s not such a smart idea (China & Phillipines).   We partied (I know… some never learn) until my watch stopped… After a great night,  I left at 7am (not 3am as indicated on my abused timepiece).

lost in the middle of nowhere, I found my way back to my friend’s,

got my bags,

took an hour train ride to Tokyo,

went to my hotel to grab my things,

go to Tokyo Metro,

rode another hour train to Narita Airport,

stopped for a very hasty souvenir run,

finally made my 1pm flight on time (sort of),

and finally had some sleep…

Today, she paid me a surprise visit on my Facebook.  She had kept my email for all these years.  Touching.

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