Kindness is Contagious

It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day and, perhaps, start something bigger.  Imagine if you were to help or inspire a school teacher our of a morning funk?

Last week we posted a story about Happy Man invoke awareness in the power of simple gestures of kindness to the community and one’s own personality.   The ‘Good Virus’ sets out in a full documentary to prove that everyday good and kindness is as powerful as the media-friendly evil.

Good Virus profiles bleeding-edge scientists and authors from UC Berkeley, Harvard and everywhere in between as well as real life people whose lives illustrate their incredible discovery: That kindness IS contagious. Street performers, soup kitchen volunteers, police officers, models, CEOs, baseball players, roller girls, concert pianists, artists, and many more tell you their heartfelt stories of kindness and generosity. The shocking conclusion is that nice guys do indeed finish first!  Learn how a little generosity can help you live a happier, healthier, wealthier, longer and more fulfilling life.”

Good Virus has already been filmed, edited and is currently being submitted to film festivals.

They’re raising money through Kickstarter to cover the cost of finishing the film which includes final sound mix, the music mix and color correction.


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