XXXBook.com Review: Worth Paying For?

XXXBook.com Review

What is XXXBooks.com all about? I started doing more research and I wanted to share what I have found.

XXXBook.com is one of the siblings from FaceBookofSex.com who was sued last year from Facebook.com.  If you ever used Facebookofsex.com it had the same feel and look like FaceBook.  Since that site is dead, XXXBook.com is alternative site if you are looking for more of an adult dating experience.

XXXBook.com site has been around for about a year now.  Last year was when Infinity Personals purchased the domain XXXBook.com for $100,000.00 from Sedo.com.  After the purchase XXXBook.com started rebranding their image focusing on adult social dating/networking.  Keep in mind this site is Not Safe For Work (NSFW). So do not play with it or browse while at work.  I’d say it’s a hardcore site has nudity, and sexuality is encouraged.  Affiliate sites under the Infinity Personals are SexSearch.com and BookofSex.com.

XXXBook is a premium subscription site. This means that you must pay to use all the features on the site.  Cost of the subscriptions starts from $1.95 per day (on a 3 day trial) to $34.95 per moth.  Unless you are willing to pay, you will be very disappointed with the site.  To help you make a decision if this site is for you, below is XXXBook.com users based information taken from Alexa.com:

xxxbook.com audience demographic

xxxbook.com audience location

My overall opinion:

I personally wouldn’t use this site.  I rather go on craigslist and test my luck on there.

Do you think XXXBook.com is worth paying for?

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