Sexy Halloween Costumes

What are you going to be this Halloween?

Now you are going to think I’m crazy for posting about Halloween already but you can thank me later for this fabulous reminder that October 31 a month away!

I understand there are so many to choose from, so much searching to do  in order to find “THE ONE”.  I bet, you want to look sexy and turn heads when you enter a room.  You probably want to be original like nothing anyone else is going to think of.  Chances are you have probably though about what is hot this year, right?

Truth be told, if you go for what is so called “IN” this year, you will risk the chance of having the same costume as someone else that night.

Now, I don’t’ want to offend you fashion divas but I’m going to throw it out there…

Consider going back a season, generation or two because sometimes that might just be the best way to make yourself standout.

Below are some of my personal favorite costumes over the years. Just have to find the one that screams the loudest to be on your body when October 31st comes around. Have fun shopping ladies, whatever you choose is going to look FIERCE!!!

Ghostbuster Sexy Women’s Costume

Add a sexual element to the traditional Ghostbusters costume with this film-inspired outfit. The tan 100% polyester jumpsuit includes short shorts and a zipper that allows you to show off as much skin as you feel comfortable. Black lace trims the collar of the costume while the Ghostbusters logo is patched to the right front and arm of the suit. A black belt is wrapped around the loops of the jumpsuit. In addition, a genuine “proton pack” backpack that opens is included, creating room for personal storage. A tan Ghostbusters baseball hat caps off the outfit. Everybody will be calling you when you dress up to eradicate some ghosts in this costume.

Sexy Donatello Costume

With the Sexy Ninja Turtle Costume you can be the best looking fangirl out there! Dazzle everyone with your Bo Staff skills as you strut around in the sassy dress with turtle shell backpack, wristbands, and character eye mask of this Donatello Costume. You’ll heat up the sewers when you’re in this Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume!

Sexy ‘The Watchman’ Silk Sceptre Costume

This women’s Silk Spectre II costume is a licensed item from the Watchmen movie! It includes a pair of black, shiny boot tops that are thigh high. They are secured to your shoe with elastic and Velcro and held up by the black garters fastened to the long-sleeved romper. The romper is yellow and black and zips in the front for closure. With a front zipper, you get to decide how much to reveal. The costume is complete with a grey, latex belt that is secured around the waist with Velcro. Slip on a pair of fishnet stockings for a sexy touch! [amazon asin=”B002JTXB06″ template=”EASY”]

Sexy Women’s Fantasy Butterfly Costume

Every year you can be found migrating north from Mexico and resting at all the good Halloween parties. Fantasy Butterfly Costume features Halloween-themed butterfly bodice dress with wings.

Sexy Women’s Pretty Playing Card Costume

2-piece pretty playing card costume includes dress and neck piece.

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