5 Truths About Partners, Employees, and Friends

Mar 8/20

Because you asked. I’ve had my share of people around me in business that have worked, and didn’t. Here are 5 tell-tale indicators of where that person will be in the next 6 months— from somewhere, no where to back there.

Passions outside of work guide our learning.

I use to have a friend, who graduated from Parsons School of Design, New York, for Fashion. She opened a boutique in a trendy area, and for years was doing well. Until one day it wasn’t. Long story short, she was always quick to the bottle, whether getting off work or during. She didn’t stay current. I would say “when the lights go of in the office, it went off in her head.”

Now she is a successful cook, and teacher, with some TV appearances. And she was entirely self taught, from nothing— couldn’t cook when I first met her. And she would post her food on social media all the time, yet never posted shit about her fashion.

Fashion was cool, but was not REALLY her thing. Not everybody is aware or honest (to themselves) about there passions. Like online dating we often portray the ideal image of ourselves, than go with our nature.

Success isn’t an effort; it’s a habit.

There are a lot of motivational junkies out there. But pure hustle isn’t sustainable, if you don’t address the small habits that lead to small victories, leading to larger accomplishments.

A former agency partner, constantly fell into slumps. And he would always try to dig himself out. He would occasionally come in, totally amp’d up, from a quote he read. However, he didn’t prioritize his time well, resulting in time wasting. And it resulted in him always cutting corners to make up for lost time. Always one step forward, and one step backwards. Without those small victories, he would eventually burn out and fall back into the slump.

People who are much more prone to start their day with small victories are much more prone build successful habits, and can change courses without completely collapsing.

A very good case for committing small victories to habit.

There is a difference between being busy, and being effective.

You know when you talk to somebody and they say “sorry, I’ve been busy.” or “same old same old.” As those become more consistent with someone, I begin to wonder how much truth there is to it. This absolutely applies to me as well.

For many, the status quo is absolutely fine. And we need those consistent people in our lives.

But in business, it’s very important to prioritize what’s important, and find pocket sacrifices. Among, clients and co-workers, I’ve found those who have a problem being concise, or take too many communications to set a plan/date are tell-tale signs of tending to be just busy.

“We are an average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with.”

Briefly glanced over in the comments of: When to end your business partnership

Long story short. When my design agency partner, broke up with his long term girlfriend, he reinvented himself around a collective of perpetually jobless and unambitious people ( nevermind the history of crack and heroin ). And skateboarding came to rule his world— All fashion derives from skateboarding. There are pretentious people and then there are skateboarders. And “those who ride a board in sandals need to be punched in the face.”

Eventually to simply keep up with his “9-5” friends, he needed to find a regular 9-5 where he can shut his mind off, and be fresh for after work festivities. He is not planning to apply to another agency, or some sort, he is planning to apply to a coffee shop… where he’ll be happy.

“It’s always going to be somebody’s Birthday!”

This phrase came to me, because a business associate was always letting me down. His excuse most often said to me he rather go out and party (which is acceptable at the time we were young.)

However, as excuses have became too common, I began to realize some are accustomed to being constantly a victim of time. Proposals don’t get written. Portfolios never get completed. And it all builds up to unnecessary stress. Something is always coming up, unless we are watching YouTube at work…

Poor time management is too often the mother of excuses. If there is work to do, do it when you can. Because life is always going to throw curve balls. Those who don’t anticipate it, are constantly blind-sided by life. And eventually excuses get old, like the boy who cried wolf. “Why didn’t you do it earlier then?”

I hope you can recognize some of the tell-tale signs, when you conduct your interview.

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