5 Writing Tips for Starters

Feb 28/20

Hi, Chris.

Here are some simple writing advice to help you get warmed up, develop a solid foundation to grow from, and find your voice.

Right now, don’t worry too much about dropping sage, entrepreneurial bombs. As the best business books need revisions, we can come back to it.

1. Speak to me, not to the audience. I started this blog with a dialogue format, because I think you are an interesting cat, when you aren’t worried about pleasing a crowd. Imaging we are riding along the Vancouver Sea Wall, or a place of freedom and comfort— safe from the judgement of the world.

2. Write like nobody is reading. Don’t hide your beautiful, hopes, fears and insecurities behind puff pieces. So let those raw emotions fly. Dare to be vulnerable. This is therapy.

3. Organize your thoughts in point form. Then you can go back and finish your sentences. You may notice this new-ish Gutenberg Editor is perfect for re-ordering your thoughts.

4. If you really get stuck mid-sentence, consider blowing it up and start-fresh. Don’t get stuck on an idea, or married to a killer punch-line~

5. Having a hard time staying on topic? Start with your conclusion— which is usually the point to your story. Consider writing your title last, cause you don’t know where your revelations will take you.

Oh! and of course keep it simple, stupid.

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