Autonomous MyoChair : Review

Feb 29/20

Today, I finally received my Autonomous MyoChair for my home office!

Initially I was confused about who/what this ridiculous, reclining chair is made for (video). However, the $259 price peaked my curiosity. I was unable to find many conclusive reviews, so I decided to “TOFTT”.


The shape of the back has a deep arch, made functional only by the optional headrest (mentioned below). But it all makes sense when you lean back, because the back slides underneath. Unfortunately, the recline seems to only snap into 3 positions. And the next step from upright is looow.

However, when reclined, I like how light it makes me feel. The standard lumbar support (adjustable only in height) is a nice compliment to the curvature of the back.

Bottomline: More comfortable reclined, than upright.


Not too soft. Not too hard. This Ass cushion is juuuuust right.

Some may have wished for a little more. However, this may be on purpose to keep you on your feet. The uneven, slightly curved shape of the butt has a natural forward lean, which forces me to push into ‘the cup’ of the backrest—technically good ergonomics.

The seat sits a tad high, leaving my monitor below eye-level, unless I lean back. So the verdict is in.

Bottomline: Ergonomic or bust. (I like it).


The armrests are severely lacking in height and elbow support. They only adjust up, but not high enough. Sitting upright, I find my self dropping my shoulders, slouching to compensate. On recline, the elbows just aren’t there. Some suggest assembling the armrest backwards… I may do that.

Bottomline: Fail.


I cannot imagine how comfortable this chair without the headrest.

The optional neck support is one of the sweet points for this chair! The adjustable head conforms perfectly to the wife and I. I would love this in my car!

Bottomline: The saving grace.


The legrest came with the neckrest. In reality, the whole leaning, locking, reaching down, pulling out motions to recline, is a tad cumbersome. But it does help me from sliding out of the seat. And I got a chuckle out of it.

Bottomline: I enjoy basking in excess.


This chair is suffering an identity crisis between a recliner and an office chair. The only thing that makes this chair ergonomic (the headrest) is an option.

Although it’s hard to sit upright for long, which may not work for all. But it is a delight to lean back on. I’ll just need to get use to working on back.

Bottomline: For those who like to work leaning back, this is well worth the price tag!

In Comparison

to my office chair, Herman Miller (~$1200 – fully-loaded):
If you have the money, invest in a better chair for work. You’ll find the 400% increase in value, not in the materials; but in the benefits to your posture and productivity. Just the armrest on the Herman Miller Celle adjusts up-down, left-right, inward-outward. Enough said.

to my old standard, leather executive chair (~$120):
Upright or leaned back, the MyoChair is better than your run-of-the-mill office chair. If we are making the decision purely on materials and spec, the MyoChair is a good value for you slouches.

What do you sit on in your office(s)?

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