Simply Awesome : ‘Kodama’ by 20syl

This mish mash of infectous melodies and tunes has got some of the most minimalistic (commercial free) visuals.

Around the World in 1 Song

How many different ways to dance to the same song? People around the world show you just how it’s done.

NONONO – Pumpin Blood (the Chainsmokers Remix) (Free Download)

Sometime I feel I don’t give the Chainsmokers enough dues. It’s remixes like NONONO’s ‘Blood Pumpin’ that make it hard to keep these guys off the track

Must Listen : Free (Remix) РRudimental (feat Emeli Sand̩)

The original was a beast of a track. The remix even monstrous. Not checking out this track is almost a crime against music.

Meet Awesome People!

When you watch any YouTube video, you can meet awesome people watching the same thing at the same time.

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Must Listen : Reminder – Uppermost (Free Download)

This year’s resolution: Listen to better music. It doesn’t take a whole lot of change to have a fresh year. Let Uppermost’s latest offering serves as a reminder to that.

EDM : Milk n Cookies – Mastadon (Louis the Child Remix) Free Download

This season, remember to leave your Milk N Cookies out for Santa. Because this edm gem has been gifted up forward!

Must Listen : New Scene – Felix Cartal (Ofelia)

7,400 hits so far?! C’mon, Youtube, this is a real injustice! Felix Cartal and Ofelia provides a legit outing on this track.

Must Have Tune : Fine By Me – Academy (Free Download)

Yesssss… Reggae vibes are again a healthy part of a balanced weekend!

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