Jazzy Fresh Music : Thomas Jack – Symphony (Free Download)

If your weekend involves waiting out monsoon rains, than make it in the comfort of jazz and scotch. Here’s a electro-jazzy tune to make keep things interesting. But get your own scotch!

Wump Wump : Flux Pavillion ft. Steve Aoki – Steve French

Here’s a mindless track and visual trip for your mindless weekend.

Avicii – Hey Brother (Lyrical Music Video)

It’s happened, country, mid-western has merged into music. You have Avicii to thank/blame. Last year this guy risked public shaming to introduce experimental sounds to progress edm out of a mindless state.

Ughhh! : Master P – Lonely Road

Master P has still got something good left in the tank and too far ahead to quit. Here is a new school tribute to those who old enough to remember the golden age of rap and r&b.

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Indie-tastic Sound : Smallpools – Mason Jar

This tune offers the full package— the uplifting sounds coupled by the poetic artistry that makes indie such a treat to real music fans.

Sunday Chill-Out Tune : Touch Sensitive – Pizza Guy

This track reminds me of first sun, as embark into the uncertain—road trip bliss. The video itself is a humbling piece of work on its own.

Hot Drummer Girl : Metal Cohen

Forget special privileges to female DJ’s. Paris ruined it. My heart is now set on rocker girls, like Meytal Cohen.

Wake Me Up – Aloe Blacc (Acoustic Music Video)

This heart-felt video puts your average Mondays into perspective.

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