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Toy Boats – A clever Sydney Tilt-shift Time-lapse

So beautiful it makes me want to visit Sydney.


Amazing Lost Worlds : Steve McCurry’s Greatest Hits!

I challenge you to not be mystified by these photos. When it comes to photo-journalism, Steve McCurry is the man! The very notion of time is his bitch. Countless miles experienced, and lost worlds captured.

Guangzhuo China

Best Futuristic Timelapse : Guangzhuo, China

This is the most impressive time-lapse I have seen as far as I can remember.


Everyday Romance from Hong Kong

A few tranquil scenes with a few classic big band brings out a few romantic moments in Hong Kong.

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Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 8.22.27 AM

Now this is an awesome bagel commercial´╗┐!

This will make you crave a bagel.

Japanese Black Friday

Human Swarms : Timelapse of Japanese “Black Friday”

Comiket is like the Japanese Black Friday, except no trampling and stabbing. However, the neat and orderly Asian society still maintains a trippy swarm effect.

backpacking america

5,000 Miles, 930 People, 162 Seconds

Meet people from all walks of life and learn about the world through a simple adventure.

Oh Angkor Wat

Oh Angkor!

Here are some tranquil scenes from everyday Angkor Wat. Watch before bed for good dreams.

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