Yacht Week Thailand

Yacht Week Hits Thailand

Yachts, secret parties, and all the good stuff that comes with Thailand. I know one guy on this site who’s going to be really depressed about missing it.

Southwind A Journey through South East Asia

Southwind : A Cinematic Journey Through Southeast Asia

Every wondered what it’d like to be a gentle wind? Perhaps, dream of being carried away from majestic natural landscapes, through the edge of civilization to the scrappers of skies?

New York

Portrait of Busy New York

Are you just keepin’ on in everyday life? Millions of others are doing just the same in New York— through history, overcoming disaster, coming together, and triumphing.

Watchtower of Morocco

Watchtower of Morocco

Like a manic sci-fi flashback, this short sends us spiraling through the ups and downs of Moroccan culture.

Meet Awesome People!

When you watch any YouTube video, you can meet awesome people watching the same thing at the same time.

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Peru + Bolivia

Peru & Bolivia : A Stop-Motion Journey

Here is a cute video of some people’s vacation to Peru & Bolivia. The way of filming it, is unconventional and funny.

This time lapse video is comprised of thousands of photographs, processed and assembled on Mt. Everest

Experience the beauty of Mt. Everest

This time lapse video is comprised of thousands of photographs, processed and assembled on Mt. Everest.

Seeing Asia - South East Asia

Travel Porn : Seeing Asia (South East Timelapse)

Most of us aren’t going to get the 2 months off to experience this dream voyage. However, doesn’t mean we can’t get acquainted with Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and marks beyond.

Great Barrier Reef Adventure

Envy : Great Barrier Reef Dive

This is some James Bond shit! Without the bullshit of course. If there is any place to be skydiving into the ocean, it’s the Great Barrier Reef! Of course there’s scuba diving as well.

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