Indoor Surfing

Indoor Surfing in 4K

Indoor surfing isn’t anything new. But everything looks fresh in the eyes of DevinSuperTramp.

Awesome Animation Story of Momentum Inertia

Awesome Animation : Story of Momentum vs Inertia

A rock golem’s wobbly relationship with the local townsfolk is put to the test, when a boulder is sent hurdling down towards certain catastrophe.

Breath-Taking : India to Bangledash from Ami Vitale

Ami Vitale, award-winning photojournalist and documentary film maker, needs no introduction to the photography world. But her snaps simply can’t be ignored by the inspiration starved masses.

Robotic Dolphin Exist?!

If you invent fun things, be sure to have Devin Supertramp film it for you.

Meet Awesome People!

When you watch any YouTube video, you can meet awesome people watching the same thing at the same time.

Check out Dipify now.

Adidas Snowboardings Vids are Surprisingly Righteous!

The snowboard itch is upon us. One doesn’t need to look far for motivation.

Next Morning From a Tent

This isn’t your average weekend hike. No whining city slickers, and barking dogs. It’s man and you and the elements.

People Being Awesome 26

Here we have a salute to Summer 2014. This has been a great one.

True Thai Story of Raising Money For Cancer

Thai commercials do it again— make you feel good while shedding a tear. Damn those people are good at drama.

100+ Ways to Meet Awesome People

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