Festering is unproductive.

Feb 27/20

Yesterday, my business partner and I had a discussion about inequality.

For whatever reason, I think I’ve kept things inside for too long— internally building a case. And a lot of it was not constructive. The problem with festering inside is your are in a conflict with yourself. It’s hard to be wrong when you only have your half of the story. That kind of thinking leads to becoming the victim— an eventual sense of helplessness. Nobody can effectively help you there.

At least from fault there is hope. It’s more effective to address your own faults, than being the ‘victim’. You are in control of your faults.

Although he didn’t disagree with one point, he opened my eyes on how we got to so bad, and my role in the matter. That realization was more profound than any resolution I was seeking.

I need to fully grasp and remember that business is not just about strength; it’s also about opening up to vulnerability. When exploring the problem with others, seek fault and accountability in yourself; not the usual comfort of affirmation.

Yeah, we don’t get into business because we see faults in ourselves. Some become their own boss because they were tired of hearing it from others.

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