Hiring the person with experience, was a FAIL.

Feb 28/20

My digital marketing agency is a small size company with just under 15 employees. We felt our human resources methods of screening and evaluating talent were solid, but on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, it was the first time in four years that we hired the wrong person, and therefore had to let this person go.

It’s been a few days now and after some time of self-reflecting, I realized where we went wrong. 

Our current human resources methods of screening and evaluating talent works well for screening fresh graduates only; however, we will need to have a new set of screening and evaluation criteria to qualify experienced people before inviting them to join our company.

My aim is to not hire the wrong people.

FAIL is First Attempt In Learning.

Errol Gerson

To not hire the wrong people for the rest of the year, my company and I will need to screen and evaluate better by asking better questions during the interview to figure out if the person is the right fit for the company.

Therefore, the questions I plan to ask myself before inviting anyone to join the crew is as follows:

  • Do they have a sound foundation that can add immediate value?
  • How well do they communicate their logic and reason, their appearance, and their attitude?
  • Are they an open-minded, self-learner, service-minded and accountable type of individual?
  • Can they get along with the crew on deck?
  • Will they be able to assimilate into our culture?
  • Are they willing to FAIL, own it and move forward? 
  • Are they a jumper? F*cking hate jumpers. Jumpers are people who jump a few times a year for a higher salary.
  • Does this person have a sparkle in their eye? My manager says he looks for talent with a sparkle in their eyes.

In conclusion, choosing the wrong people is such a waste of time and money. Now, I plan to take it more seriously moving forward. I understand now why people hire HR managers.

Sharing is caring. I would love to hear how you screen and evaluate people. Please comment below.

Thank you for reading!


  • Derek :

    4 years, 15 hires and only 1 fail? Are you sure there is something wrong? Bad hires sting, but are you sure you aren’t over compensating?

    Better than me though…

    ‘Cause I am in the creative industry, it starts with portfolio, portfolio, portfolio! If it’s not great, I look at progression. Usually bare minimum is obvious. If I like what I see, I would like to know if they have a process, that is open to growth.

    In NHL, I admire teams who can draft and develop a dynasty over a team who sell their futures out for free-agents. So I don’t mind an underdog.

    Then, I’ve grown to strongly believe the interests people have off-hours is a strong indicator of what they are like during. I’d like to know about role models, inspiration, side interests— anything I can use. Hopefully when the lights turn off in the office, the lights stay on in the head. However, like dating, it’s some times hard to distinguishing who they are from who they think they are.

    I believe our passions, inspire and guide our learning. So if I see interests I can nurture, I feel a connection.

    • Natawon :

      What they do during their off-hours is a great idea. Thanks!

      • Derek :

        Would it have helped you in regards to this hire?

        It would have for me. Over time, I realized the differences I have with my past failed partnerships (I don’t count ours as a failure) stems from their lifestyles. People will say they like somethings… but it’s an entirely different story to be absolute passionate like we are about business and marketing (maybe that’s too extreme for “kids” though~).

  • Derek :


    I feel you have 2 halves of 2 great posts.

    1) Tell us about the girl with all the cred. Where was the potential? Where did it all go wrong? (Don’t rob us on the juicy drama)

    2) Some reason, I much rather know how you were able to hire 14/15 hits…

    Furthermore, I don’t feel the title and conclusion was strongly supported by the body (aka clickbait— I wanted juicy drama!)

    • Natawon :


      My response on the first half of two great posts. Take a look.


      • Derek :

        Excellent read.

        Now, rename the title of that article as, “Hiring the person with experience, was a FAIL.” and re-purpose this article as “How to hire successfully, 93% of the time”~


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