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Short Film (Australia): Signs

It is a universal story about a guy and a girl working in opposite office blocks and therefore relient on signs to pursue their coy courtship. The only question is why it never won any major festival awards.

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Short Film (US): World Builder

World Builder by Bruce Branit (US) (9mins) Like many science-fiction short films, World Builder was written and directed by a digital effects artist looking to display his skills through his own authorship. The American Bruce Branit has worked on Hollywood series such as Lost and Pushing Daisies, and this was his fifth (and by far […]

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Short Film (US): Validation

Validation by Kurt Kuenne (US) (16mins) Validation is an amusing film that could easily be in the comedy section. Validation, written and directed by Kurt Kuenne, is a modern-day fable about a guy who is validating parking tickets at a mall but also validating the customers by giving them compliments. He likes to see people […]


When in Doubt, Just Smile

Smile! A child can use it, and even a douche can pull it off. I can help sway situation to your advantage, or it can cheer you up— sometimes when all you can do is laugh at the cards you were dealt, it really helps to just grin it out. But more importantly, a smile can be the start of something positive.

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From Where You Rather Be

Where would you rather be? Sometimes it’s great to just get away from the noise and pressures to a place that is beautifully simple — like a good relationship, but with the world.


Beware of Love Inc.

We’re never giving up on love; they’re never giving up on us.


Finally Moving – Pretty Lights

Strut, shuffle, or skip to these good vibes.  This modern sampling of Etta Jame’s “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” has got the excitement of a sunny day on the way to something good.  Sometimes a good feeling is all you need to make the day fantastic.


Have Great Conversations

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

100+ Ways to Meet Awesome People

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