Youngbloods Electric Blue Spearfishing

Youngbloods Spearfishing

This isn’t your same ol’ father ‘n son fishing trip. I bet nothing beats the taste of satisfaction.

CYMATICS  Science Vs. Music   Nigel Stanford   YouTube

Edu-tainment : Scientific Music Video is Neat

If you like music and science then prepare to nerd out with this audio-visual treat by Nigel Stanford.

My Travels Snowboarding

My Travels : Snowboarding on the Road

This comfy serving of chilled out music and on the road visuals will motivate you to not miss the next opportunity.

A Humbling Hiking Experience by Yohan Terraza

A Humbling Hiking Experience by Yohan Terraza

Yohan’s set, titled “Magnum Silentum” is a clean look at past time everybody can do, if we aren’t so distracted.

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Awesome People 28

Sports, Landscapes and Nature. These are AYCL’s favorite pictures of the week!

Learn Languages with Models

Learn Languages from Models

Learn to pick-up international models, or survive in another country. Exotic looks, and sexy voices. What’s not to love?

Spectacular Paintings by Nate Frizzell

Fantastic Humans & Nature by Nate Frizzell

Nate Frizzell did a fantastic job painting the bond between man and nature.

L Odyssée de Cartier

TBT : Cartier’s L’Odyssee is Still Spectacular!

Mythical beasts and incredible journeys: ‘L’Odyssee de Cartier’ is a visual treat, unrivaled to this date— even by Cartier~

100+ Ways to Meet Awesome People

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