Just Start

Feb 25/20

Hi, Chris

Just start writing (like nobody’s watching).

Yes, your content is probably going to suck at first… But don’t worry nobody is going to read this anyways~ We can always revisit later… or we can leave it in it’s raw glory (something to look back and laugh at).

But I’m here to learn with you. And we’re eventually gonna get a handle of this.


  • Derek :

    I’m not sure if we should use disqus or facebook (preferrably not)…. What do you think, chris?

    • Natawon :

      disqus seems okay for the start. once it picks up then we can move to a better solution for comments. To be honest, I’m not sure what is the platform to use for commenting. But my hope would be to find a comment solution that if our posts are dope and it sparks emotion and interesting comments it will help grow the right audience.

      • Derek :

        I actually don’t mind using this system if there is no difference. I can just redesign. Is there any benefit to using Disqus (now or in the future?)… Sounds one of us has some research to do.

        Look at us… back where we were in 2010, learning it all over again~

  • Derek :


    – It seems there are a lot of scripts that bog down the performance of the site,
    – Barrier – people need to sign-up to disqus to comment (blogs report participations increased without disqus)
    – Ads – and terrible ones
    – Collects our data and that of our visitors

    I have yet to understand how it generates traffic for us tho, or whether it is worth.

  • Derek :

    BTW, I discouraged all the search engines for now… (If we may move domain, it’s better we don’t get crawled yet anyways.)

  • Nc :

    Let’s just use this comment system. I think it’s fine for now.

  • Nc :

    Haha also posted my first content. Man it’s so hard. ><

    Can’t wait to keep practicing and see where we can take it.

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