Speedriding - Skiing with a Parachute

Going Where No Skier Has Gone Before

A new action sport has been invented to conquer terrain otherwise un-rideable.

StreetDome Skate Park Denmark

World’s Coolest Skatepark : StreetDome

Streedome is the coolest playground for action sports lovers. From indoor mountain climbing to outdoor skate park, there’s enough for the whole community.

Groundhog Day Battle Rope A Dope

Awesome Flick : Rope-a-Dope

Don’t miss this action-packed spin-off Groundhog’s Day. A young man wakes up to relive getting knocked out by bullies. A man can only take so much.

Into the Mind Sherpas 1

Greatest Ski Video? Into the Mind

These super cool trailers will freeze your mind. Journey through unforgiving landscapes to the limitations of human endurance.

Meet Awesome People!

When you watch any YouTube video, you can meet awesome people watching the same thing at the same time.

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Your Lucky Day

Thrilling Short Film : Your Lucky Day

This Shakespearean convenience store robbery is better than anything I’ve seen in the theaters in a long time.


So Much Action Overload Long Time!!!

This much action doesn’t need to make any sense. Not when you cram the best explosions, and heroes of this decade into one short flick.

Jackie Chan Stunt Action

Jackie Chan Fails – Stunts Gone Horribly Wrong

If Jackie Chan isn’t the greatest, then you clearly mustn’t know he does his own stunts.  Jackie has been in enough movies (English and Chinese) to kill an ordinary stunt double.  Well, even the greatest fall down once in a while.  If you want to see him succeed, go to the movies and pay this […]


Surreal : Restless in Whistler, BC

Amateur video? I think not! But apparently this mind-blowing ski video was shot and edited in 7 days.

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