Children in Nepal Taking First Selfie

Children in Nepal Taking First Selfies!

Scarcity is definitely adds context. When the people of rural Nepal capture themselves in their first selfies, it’s much different than the endless feed through everyday social media.

A Humbling Hiking Experience by Yohan Terraza

A Humbling Hiking Experience by Yohan Terraza

Yohan’s set, titled “Magnum Silentum” is a clean look at past time everybody can do, if we aren’t so distracted.

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Sports, Landscapes and Nature. These are AYCL’s favorite pictures of the week!

Spectacular Paintings by Nate Frizzell

Fantastic Humans & Nature by Nate Frizzell

Nate Frizzell did a fantastic job painting the bond between man and nature.

Meet Awesome People!

When you watch any YouTube video, you can meet awesome people watching the same thing at the same time.

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Rotor Effects Tianna G Van Styles

Heli Photoshoot with Tianna G

Sometimes I see something so thrilling and/or provocative I question what I have done with my life. This is one of those moments.

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People Being Awesome #27 (27 Pictures)

I don’t always post compilations. But when I do, they are epic!

Layer Lapse

Layer-Lapse is Amazing

Timelapse is yesterday’s news. Layer lapse represents the present trend: everything we love, but more and faster. And it looks spectacular.

The shadow campaign : Sanctuary

Shadow Campaign – The Sanctuary

Beautiful. I haven’t felt this excited about a ski film in years.

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