People Being Awesome (11)

People Being Awesome 23 (26 pics)

This edition of ‘People Being Awesome’ is chilled out.

CAZZETTE   Sleepless

‘Sleepless’ by Cazzette (Official Video)

An intimate track for your hot, sleepless, Summer nights.

Touch Sensitive Pizza Guy

Sunday Chill-Out Tune : Touch Sensitive – Pizza Guy

This track reminds me of first sun, as embark into the uncertain—road trip bliss. The video itself is a humbling piece of work on its own.

Cassie Numb Rick Ross

Oooo That’s Nice : Numb – Cassie (feat. Rick Ross)

Better late than never. This track is coming in hot off Cassie’s mixtape, “Rocka Bye Baby”.

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Dornik - Something About You

Babymaking Music : Something About You – Dornik

It’s almost Weekend— caution and relationships thrown to the wind. No? Well still take the time to chill and embrace anyways. This track has got soul.


Hidden Talent : I’m Good – The Airtights

I’m not afraid to throwback that real *ish. The end guitar solo, alone, will melt your mind. The Airtights more props— 5000 views?! So I’m out to right this wrong.


Doin’ it Right – Daft Punk (Reflex Remix)

To all my Weekend rollers! We work hard, we play hard. So naturally playing comes on a weekday. It doesn’t have to be a hot pop mess. We play it cool after a long hard day’s work.


Must Listen : This Moment – Conics (+1 remix)

Even though you are not sure what this song exactly means… You can’t help but feel we all have been there! And suddenly it clicks! This is your favorite song for this moment.

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