Queenstown New Zealand Flyover

Majestic Flyover New Zealand

“The eagles are coming!” Fly over Middle Earth, and see what Gandalf saw.

Acts of Awesome (16)

People Being Awesome 17 (29 pics)

Nothing says “We are back!!!” than a brand new installment of Acts of Awesome!

Into the Mind Sherpas 1

Greatest Ski Video? Into the Mind

These super cool trailers will freeze your mind. Journey through unforgiving landscapes to the limitations of human endurance.

google invades galapagos islands

Google Invades Galapagos Islands

Google disturbs the “Cradle of Life”, the Galapagos Islands, so you don’t have to. Enjoy Darwin’s obsession from the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you may even catch a glimpse of evolution here.

Meet Awesome People!

When you watch any YouTube video, you can meet awesome people watching the same thing at the same time.

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Southwind A Journey through South East Asia

Southwind : A Cinematic Journey Through Southeast Asia

Every wondered what it’d like to be a gentle wind? Perhaps, dream of being carried away from majestic natural landscapes, through the edge of civilization to the scrappers of skies?

bey the sca - cold water surfing

Cool : Bey the Sca

I don’t know whether this is sports, arts, or poetry. But it’s definitely something new. Arctic surfing!

Great Barrier Reef Adventure

Envy : Great Barrier Reef Dive

This is some James Bond shit! Without the bullshit of course. If there is any place to be skydiving into the ocean, it’s the Great Barrier Reef! Of course there’s scuba diving as well.


Surreal : Restless in Whistler, BC

Amateur video? I think not! But apparently this mind-blowing ski video was shot and edited in 7 days.

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