Happiest Guy in the World

Is this the Happiest Guy in the World?

At this String Festival in Oregon he is. Look at this guy go!

Esteban Antonio 's Grand Concert Harp Guitar with bowed section

What Guitar Madness Is This?

Esteban is busting fingers and hearts at the same time with this musical monstrosity.

How much are people willing to spend to look fabulous at New York's Lincoln Center?

How Much Does It Cost To Look Fabulous?

How much does it cost you to look good? Not nearly as much as some of these people

A Hindu devotee pushes the foam away to make space for other devotees to worship the Sun god Surya in the polluted waters of the river Yamuna during the Hindu religious festival of Chatt Puja in New Delhi

Reuter’s Pictures of the Year

With one month left to go Reuter’s has released there most captivating pictures of news events that shaped the world this year, 2014. We can only look at these pictures, learn and hope for a better 2015.

Meet Awesome People!

When you watch any YouTube video, you can meet awesome people watching the same thing at the same time.

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Ra Paulette Cave Digger

Unbelievable Cave Sculpture (10 Years in the Making)

You won’t believe what this guy dug out of a cave. Ra Paulette, literally, created this with a shovel, pick-axe, wheel Barrel and chisel.

Meet Awesome People on Dipify (1)

Awesome People #29

Visual Proof People are Awesome. This week’s pictures features all sorts of nature and landscapes.

Children in Nepal Taking First Selfie

Children in Nepal Taking First Selfies!

Scarcity is definitely adds context. When the people of rural Nepal capture themselves in their first selfies, it’s much different than the endless feed through everyday social media.

Monk With a Camera

Monk With A Camera

Being a playboy and photographer. Could life couldn’t be any better… or could it?

100+ Ways to Meet Awesome People

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