Portrait of a Marathon Runner

Portrait of a Marathon Runner

Start your every morning out right. Because life isn’t a sprint. It’s a long, beautiful jog.

A Tribute to Discomfort  Cory Richards

Powerful : A Tribute to Discomfort : Cory Richards (Video)

This is a visual celebration of a man who overcame homelessness, and death to spark a remarkable life as a Nat Geo photographer.

Surfer Girls Are Hot

The Best Surfer Girl Collection Part 1 (25 pics)

This tasteful collection of colors, the smiles, and the emerald paradises is surprisingly safe for work.

Tipping Fast Food Workers  100

Random Acts of Kindness : Tipping $100 to Fast Food Workers

A humbling reminder that all human beings (especially in our service sectors) need to be appreciated more.

Meet Awesome People!

When you watch any YouTube video, you can meet awesome people watching the same thing at the same time.

Check out Dipify now.

The Real Lord of the Rings Taiwanese Street Performer

Mystifying Street Performer : The Real Lord of the Rings

Isaac Hou’s graceful performances didn’t need 3 hours to make my day.

Awesome People on Dipify (1)

People Being Awesome 21 (28 pics)

Being awesome is in our nature. Some of us may have lost our way. But here is proof that everyone has awesome in them.

Baba The Cosmic Barber

Baba the Comic Barber

I dare you to not smile after this! Words fail what the following video has in store for your curiosity.

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People Being Awesome 20 (30 Pictures)

There pictures so awesome that you forget to ask who’s holding the camera. We have visual proof that people are awesome!

100+ Ways to Meet Awesome People

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