Awesome 360 panoramic video

Jonas Ginter’s Small World is So Cool!

This German photographer, mounted 6 cameras to produce a really neat panoramic 360 effect for his videos. Everyday strolls seem so much cooler.


Minimal Snowboard Wallpapers

Keep your desktop fresh with these minimal snowboard wallpapers.

A Hindu devotee pushes the foam away to make space for other devotees to worship the Sun god Surya in the polluted waters of the river Yamuna during the Hindu religious festival of Chatt Puja in New Delhi

Reuter’s Pictures of the Year

With one month left to go Reuter’s has released there most captivating pictures of news events that shaped the world this year, 2014. We can only look at these pictures, learn and hope for a better 2015.

Meet Awesome People on Dipify (1)

Awesome People #29

Visual Proof People are Awesome. This week’s pictures features all sorts of nature and landscapes.

Meet Awesome People!

When you watch any YouTube video, you can meet awesome people watching the same thing at the same time.

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Elderly Fitness Photos

Hilarious Elderly Fitness Photography

The combination of the elderly, fitness and some amazing photography results in some light-hearted giggles.

A Humbling Hiking Experience by Yohan Terraza

A Humbling Hiking Experience by Yohan Terraza

Yohan’s set, titled “Magnum Silentum” is a clean look at past time everybody can do, if we aren’t so distracted.

See more people being awesome!

Awesome People 28

Sports, Landscapes and Nature. These are AYCL’s favorite pictures of the week!

Spectacular Paintings by Nate Frizzell

Fantastic Humans & Nature by Nate Frizzell

Nate Frizzell did a fantastic job painting the bond between man and nature.

100+ Ways to Meet Awesome People

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