My Travels Snowboarding

My Travels : Snowboarding on the Road

This comfy serving of chilled out music and on the road visuals will motivate you to not miss the next opportunity.

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Awesome People 28

Sports, Landscapes and Nature. These are AYCL’s favorite pictures of the week!

Taka Higashino His Way Dirtbike Video

Monster Dirtbike with Taka Higashino

This video is for people who lived in the era of Excite Bike (on NES) but never really had the opportunities to appreciate the insanity and risk required to fly through the air on a motorcycle doing aerial flips and tricks.

Scuba diving with seals

Scuba Diving With Seals

Scuba diving with seals is awesome. It combines everything satisfying about scuba diving, and giving a sweet dog a tummy rub.

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When you watch any YouTube video, you can meet awesome people watching the same thing at the same time.

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The shadow campaign : Sanctuary

Shadow Campaign – The Sanctuary

Beautiful. I haven’t felt this excited about a ski film in years.

Best Mountain Bike Video Ever : The Ridge

This video will have you wondering, “how did he get up there?”

Airport Skateboarding

Airport Skateboarding in Helsinki, Sweden

What a privilege it is to not only travel, but to skate in such an elusive playground for the day.  

Afterglow night skiing

Awesome Night Skiing Outfit (2 videos)

Night skiing is both irresistibly dangerous, and incredibly trippy.

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