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Ball Handles  Basketball

Ball Handles is “Like Nothing You Ever Seen Before.”

Ball handles is the meanest thing I have ever seen in basketball.

Portrait of a Marathon Runner

Portrait of a Marathon Runner

Start your every morning out right. Because life isn’t a sprint. It’s a long, beautiful jog.

A Tribute to Discomfort  Cory Richards

Powerful : A Tribute to Discomfort : Cory Richards (Video)

This is a visual celebration of a man who overcame homelessness, and death to spark a remarkable life as a Nat Geo photographer.

Tipping Fast Food Workers  100

Random Acts of Kindness : Tipping $100 to Fast Food Workers

A humbling reminder that all human beings (especially in our service sectors) need to be appreciated more.

Meet Awesome People With Our Official App!!!

We love awesome people so much we created an app to inspire people to meet more awesome people.

Check it out here!

20syl   Kodama  Awesome Simple Music Video

Simply Awesome : ‘Kodama’ by 20syl

This mish mash of infectous melodies and tunes has got some of the most minimalistic (commercial free) visuals.

The Real Lord of the Rings Taiwanese Street Performer

Mystifying Street Performer : The Real Lord of the Rings

Isaac Hou’s graceful performances didn’t need 3 hours to make my day.

Hoverboard in Real Life

Hoverboards Exist!

Not much needs to be said. Many of us have dreamt of this day since Marty McFly made his smooth getaway from future Biff.

What is on Your Mind Facebook

What’s On Your Mind, Facebook?

Facebook status updates are fun, filled with great food, marriages, shout outs to an army of friends… until somebody gets hurt.

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