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Circulus - Abandoned Factory Circus

Circulus : Abandoned Factory Circus

There is one beautiful thing about the remnants of a decaying industry; a backdrop to arts and culture.

Around the world in 1 song

Around the World in 1 Song

How many different ways to dance to the same song? People around the world show you just how it’s done.

Women Jiu Jitsu

How-To Handle a Drunk Pick-Up

I’m sure any attractive women has had to deal with this. Here’s a casual way to pacify any advance from the opposite sex.

Baba The Cosmic Barber

Baba the Comic Barber

I dare you to not smile after this! Words fail what the following video has in store for your curiosity.

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We love awesome people so much we created an app to inspire people to meet more awesome people.

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Kung Fury Action Epic Mayhem

Action Epic Mayhem : Kung Fury Trailer

Kung fu, guns, vikings, dinosaurs, and historical villans, You may need sunglasses just for . If you don’t own a pair, perhaps you best continue on by.

Epic Snowboard Wipeouts

OH!!! 4 mins of Incredible Snowboard Wipeouts!

Many of us have gotten our share of snow in our face, and cold steel on our asses. But not as massively as these guys.

Sriracha the Movie

Sriracha the Movie

Ironically, I’m in Thailand, missing Sriracha! Food, Pho especially, doesn’t taste the same with out this American adopted favorite. The cult love for this sauce warrants a movie.

Forest Ski Segment From Valhalla

Epic! Forest Skiing Without Snow

No snow? No problem. Passion surpasses even the most essential requirements and redefines fun.

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