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Awesome People by AllYouCanLove (12)

People Being Awesome 25 (26 pics)

What you missed this Summer. Don’t worry, there is still 2 weeks left.

Cardistry artist Andrei Jikh shows off his card-slinging skills

Cardistry Mastery : Andrei Jikh

Bet you never saw something like this. I would hate to drinking card games with this dude.

Don t Date a Girl Who Travels

Never Date A Girl Who Travels

No promises here…

Chris Burkard on AllYouCanLove (14)

Amazing Arctic Surf Adventure by Chris Burkard (28pics + 1Vid)

Just when I thought surfing photography can’t possibly get any more next level, here is proof people constantly are outdoing themselves.

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These Rare Celebrity Audition Tapes Are Pretty Awesome

Before They Were Famous : Celebrity Audition Tapes

Nervous Brad Pitt, young Tom Cruise, baby Scarlett Johanssen, sober Robert Downey Jr, jailbait Jennifer Connelly, and much more bid for a spot on hollywood’s walk of fame.


Must Listen : ‘Classic’ by the Knocks (featuring Powers)

Ahhhh yeah. It took ’til August to find my summer tune— one to rule all other songs for all other occasions.

Bullet Ants Worst Pain Ever

The Worst Pain Ever : Becoming A Man in the Amazon

The most painful sensation known to man: getting bitten by bullet ants.


What Is This Guy Playing?! : Pipe Guy

This guy hits the pipe hard— in a good way.

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