Absolut - Dark Noir

Absolut Amazing CG Animation Short

Absolut Vodka and Rafael Grampá presents Dark Noir. A beautifully done up short story about a private dick who can see a world beyond.

Circulus - Abandoned Factory Circus

Circulus : Abandoned Factory Circus

There is one beautiful thing about the remnants of a decaying industry; a backdrop to arts and culture.

Around the world in 1 song

Around the World in 1 Song

How many different ways to dance to the same song? People around the world show you just how it’s done.


Meet Awesome People Through Facebook

The RIGHT WAY to meet people with Facebook.

Our Official App!!!

We love awesome people so much we created an app to inspire people to meet more awesome people.

NONONO - PB (Chainsmokers Remix) Cover Art

NONONO – Pumpin Blood (the Chainsmokers Remix) (Free Download)

Sometime I feel I don’t give the Chainsmokers enough dues. It’s remixes like NONONO’s ‘Blood Pumpin’ that make it hard to keep these guys off the track

Women Jiu Jitsu

How-To Handle a Drunk Pick-Up

I’m sure any attractive women has had to deal with this. Here’s a casual way to pacify any advance from the opposite sex.

Rudimental Free Emeli Sande cash cash gazzo remix

Must Listen : Free (Remix) – Rudimental (feat Emeli Sandé)

The original was a beast of a track. The remix even monstrous. Not checking out this track is almost a crime against music.

Awesome People on Dipify (1)

People Being Awesome 21 (28 pics)

Being awesome is in our nature. Some of us may have lost our way. But here is proof that everyone has awesome in them.