World’s fastest archer – Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery.

A historical technique much faster than the known. The Danish archers Lars Andersen has rediscovered. an old and very fast way to shoot bows.


To compare speed I have added 3 other good fast archers together to show the time it takes to shoot 10 arrows. It is completely unscientific and not objectively. The 3 other archers can probably shoot faster than these video.

1: Lajos Kassai famous and fabulous Hungarian.  Fastest horseback shooting in the world !
He was the one who first inspired me to fast shooting. Shoot and teach the horses and archery system he has developed. A system based on pre angerede arrows.

2: Iza Privezenceva tough Russian girl. Fastest quiver shooting in the world! She shoots a new and very interesting inverse system developed by Seregedel.

3: Bo ” CombatArchery” cole American archer. Shoot and teach the system he has developed. A fairly simple straightforward system, without the
use of pre angerede arrows. The best start system for people who want to shooting fast

In 60,000 years, man has shot with bow, today we know very little about the past archery. So much is lost.
There are no truths, or proper ways to shoot with bow, I have rediscovered something about archery, but there is still so much to rediscover.

Lars Andersen

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